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The following comment in its original form was posted anonymously to the 1 Ne 1:11-15 page. Feel free to edit/improve.

Elder Bruce R. McConkie said that the "Spirit of the Lord" in 1 Ne 1:11 is a reference to the Savior, because since the time of Adam, the only member of the Godhead to appear to man has been the God of this earth, Jesus Christ or the Father to introduce him. He explains further in Mormon Doctrine page 752 that for such is in keeping with the principle of advocacy, intercession, and mediation, the principle that all personal appearances of Deity to man since the fall of Adam, excepting appearances of the Father and the Son together, have been appearances of Christ. He says further, Presumptively it is the Spirit Christ ministering to Nephi much as he did to the Brother of Jared.